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Holloway Tool provides one of the most comprehensive metal pressing manufacturing and toolmaking services available


Advanced resources for toolmaking.

CAD/CAM resources

High technology CAD/CAM systems control our machinery. These systems can also accept input from customers’ data and/or drawings. Alternatively, we can capture information from physical prototypes by means of a co-ordinate measuring machine.

The system is capable of accepting information from virtually all CAD/CAM systems, not only via neutral languages including Catia and Iges.

Holloway Tool uses Delcam CAD/CAM systems which employ neutral languages - IGES and DXF - to communicate both 3D and 2D information with customers CAD systems. A major advantage is that digitally produced plots may be generated to AO size for customer and shop floor use.

Machinery resources

Output from the CAD/CAM system's post-processors provide the finite manufacturing data which controls our range of CNC wire-erosion and milling equipment to produce tooling of the highest quality. Delcam PowerMill , PowerShape and Visi products are also available.

Holloway Tool Capacity Guide

Quality assurance

Traceability throughout all ISO 9001 ratified processes is strictly observed. In addition, the ability to carry out inspection by means of computer controlled measuring able to digitize any model, component or die, is also available.

We are a Tier 2 Supplier to:

Nissan | Toyota | Jaguar | Land Rover | Bentley

We are a Tier 1 Supplier to:

ThyssenKrupp Tallent | Stadco | Futaba Tenneco | Futaba Industrial 

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